GigaOm: NASA Uses Ansible to launch web infrastructure into the cloud

December 19, 2014 by Dan London

GigaOm published a great article on how NASA launches their web infrastructure into the cloud today. The article features our own Jonathan Davila.

To help with the nitty gritty details of transferring those applications to AWS and setting up new servers, NASA used the Ansible configuration-management tool, said Davila. When InfoZen came, the apps were stored in a co-located data center where they weren’t being managed well, he explained, and many server operating systems weren’t being updated, leaving them vulnerable to security threats.

Without the configuration-management tool, Davila said that it would “probably take us a few days to patch every server in the environment” using shell scripts. Now, the team can “can patch all Linux servers in, like, 15 minutes.”

Read the full article on GigaOm.

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