The world has gone digital, and what started for many companies as a few computers on an internal network has become thousands of virtual cloud servers on a global network. Companies have gone from buying software to building apps, as they try to stay competitive. As Gartner recently said, “Digital business is essentially software, which means that organizations that expect to thrive in a digital environment must have an improved competence in software delivery.”

Ansible was founded to provide a new way to think about managing systems and applications that better fit this new world. Historically, management vendors and home-grown scripting solutions were created to manage stacks of software on servers. In contrast, Ansible was created to orchestrate multi-tier applications across clouds. From configuration to deployment to zero-downtime rolling upgrades, Ansible is a single framework that can fully automate today’s modern enteprise apps.


Simple, agentless & powerful. Ansible’s simple, YAML-based automation syntax is quick to learn and easy for the entire organization to adopt. By utilizing SSH (on Linux/Unix) or WinRM & PowerShell (on Windows), Ansible doesn’t require an agent to do its magic. And Ansible does so much more than configuration management… Ansible can deploy apps and orchestrate complex tasks that other systems have a hard time doing.

Why does Ansible’s simple approach matter? The answer is: adoption. We’ve all seen promising enterprise technologies that become shelfware because they are too difficult to operationalize. Ansible’s simple, agentless approach to automation ensures passionate adoption by sys-admins and developers, while Ansible Tower gives enterprises the control they need to harness that passion.


As members of the open source community, Ansible values transparency and open exchange. At its heart, Ansible was made to help more people experience the power of automation so they could work better and faster together. We embrace new and innovative ideas in order to ensure that we are constantly improving the current state.
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