Adventures with Ansible: The AUtomation Journey

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Ansible is a powerful IT automation tool. Like most powerful tools, it takes time to master. However, learning the tool is typically never the problem. Then what is? Companies typically do not prepare for the process and behavioral challenges that can impact their overall investment into automation.

You will hear first hand from a Red Hat Architect and Health Care Services Corporation (HCSC) about their recent experiences with transforming a healthcare company to be more agile while implementing an automation philosophy.

In this session, we will focus on the cultural transformation aspect and offer some best practices to cut through these challenges, including:

- Keep it simple
- Defining your world
- Failing early, failing fast
- Becoming a learning organization
- Trust
- Be honest and collaborative
- and more

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Ajit Jain, Health Care Services Corporations



Michael Tam, Health Care Services Corporations



John Wadleigh, Red Hat