Ansible :hearts brownfield networks, committed to you on day 2


Building on our foundation as the automation platform of choice for networking, we have redoubled our focus on Day 2 operations for networking. During this presentation a brief overview of our v2.9 network modules will be provided with an emphasis on their role in network administration and automation. Prior to a live demonstration, our commitment to network operators to aide and support their role in maintaining production networks will be expressed through the new capabilities of Ansible networking modules. Enhanced configuration discovery, no-code inventory generation, and our commitment to idempotent network configuration management by design will be among the highlighted capabilities we are delivering this year.

A demonstration of what will be available in Ansible 2.9 for networking will include:
- Building a configuration inventory for brownfield network devices using the Ansible facts capabilities
- Updating the inventory and it use to update network device configurations
- Configuration roll-back after a failed network health assessment

At Red Hat, we understand "open source communities are the source of our strength" so we are making it easier than ever to contribute to Ansible's networking capabilities. From module development using the "resource module builder" to documentation contributions and pull-request reviews, the presentation will conclude with a a call to arms for community contributions and an overview of how developers and network operators can contribute.

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Brad Thornton, Red Hat