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Open Source Automation Startup Ansible Doubles Durham Headcount

Why IT Automation Matters Today



Ansible Updates Automation Software to Allow for Compliance Tracking


AnsibleFest: Ansible on Docker Containers, Microservices and OpenStack
AnsibleFest: Inside the Redesigned Ansible 2.0


Ansible Named One of Cool Vendors in DevOps for 2015


Ansible Partners With Cisco, CSC, HP And Rackspace To Make Deploying And Managing OpenStack Easier


OpenStack Powered Initiative Highlights Single API Approach



 OpenStack gang vows clouds that work well with others
Wanted: Highly skilled tech workers, $100,000-plus salary, no college required


Why tools like Docker, Vagrant, and Ansible are hotter than ever


Ansible Tower in the Software Development Lifecycle


Donnie Berkholz's Story of Data - The breakout of Ansible, and the state of config-management communities

"Ansible is growing like crazy." - Donnie Berkholz


Ansible CEO: A New Fold In The IT Automation Universe

“This software product is a simple way to automate apps and infrastructure encompassing core competencies in application deployment, configuration management and Continuous Delivery.” - Adrian Bridgwater

A Data Tooling Love Story: When Ansible Met Vagrant

“Looking again more specifically at what Vagrant is (and so why Ansible and it might fall so head over heels in love with one another), the software itself was built to help create and configure virtualized development environments. Vagrant can be seen as a wrapper around virtualization platforms like VMware and others and of course around configuration management software — and so Ansible logically falls into place.” - Adrian Bridgwater


How Members of Black Duck's Open Source Rookie Club Are Faring Today

“Ansible, a simple configuration management, deployment and ad-hoc task execution tool, was chosen as a 2012 rookie of the year for having the largest amount of contributors for any first-year project in 2012.” - Darryl K. Taft


Best 2014 DevOps tools and trends that define the future of DevOps in 2015

“Ansible Tower is proving to be a mission-critical DevOps tool in organizations like NASA, GoPro, EA, and Hughes. Ansible says that Tower 2.0 dramatically improves and simplifies the DevOps automation user experience so that teams can focus on their applications, rather than their IT automation.” - Saroj Kar


007 DevOps: Ansible's secret agentless route to IT automation

“Why is IT automation important? Well, with less code scripting, users can start to influence the life of applications because Ansible uses a language that champions the concept of building workflows that most people can understand.” - Adrian Bridgwater


Top 10 open source projects of 2014


Incremental SDN: Automating Network Device Configuration

“In addition to its agentless nature, Ansible is gaining popularity due to reported ease of use and flexibility.” - Ethan Banks


Ansible Tower Reaches New Height

“Tower 2.0 allows users to observe application deployments, updates, and system configuration changes in real-time, with the ability to drill-down on any failures. It features real-time output of Ansible Playbooks, including dynamic progress bars that show the status of jobs and hosts, along with the overall status of the Playbook run.”  - Adrian Bridgwater


Companies to Watch in 2015

“In only a year, the open-source platform for natural language IT automation grew its community to more than 800 contributors and became the most popular IT automation project on GitHub. Ansible Inc., the company behind the open-source juggernaut, has turned Ansible into a serious competitor to Chef and Puppet in the IT orchestration, application deployment and configuration-management space.” - SD Times

The state of Ansible a year after the project’s creation

“You can’t help but think big in a situation like ours. For us to say that it’s going to stop with configuration management, app deployment and orchestration is a limitation. This space could be as big as we, as an open-source collaboration and community, can make it.” - Said Ziouani

Ransack, a Rackspace application built on the Ansible API

“Shell scripts are all so different. I saw the need once we discovered Ansible to use that tool chain to do highly parallel work with Python modules that force consistency. It allows us to scale to an incredible number of servers to manage at any one time, meaning that one guy can do a massive amount of work with the least amount of effort possible.” - Paul Dirivage

Ansible wants to make it easier to use OpenStack

“We are working closely with strong partners such as Cisco, CSC, HP and Rackspace, and the open-source community, to help enterprise customers unlock the huge benefits of OpenStack by making it simple and reliable to deploy and manage,” said Saïd Ziouani, CEO of Ansible.


Ansible, an open source startup with Red Hat roots, doubles down on Durham


Ansible Is Learning Windows

“Ansible tries to make Linux and Windows management as seamless as possible. The same Ansible playbook can have steps that configure Linux machines and other steps that manage Windows boxes.” - João Miranda


Ansible orchestration is a veteran Unix admin's dream

“Ansible is an extremely flexible open source toolkit that makes it very easy for Unix hands to get started with automated configuration management and orchestration. It uses a push method of configuring client systems, so everything stems from a master server. And to the powerful CLI, you can add a commercially licensed Web UI to provide for delegated administration and provisioning.” - Paul Venezia