Ansible Ready Workspace


Devops has taken a lot from the developers agile experience: clone source, change code, push, deploy … the time when every task had to be done by a system administrator …. manually through ssh ... is gone. Ops people now feel a lot safer, more comfortable and more secure in anything they would change on production environments. It is easier to trace the problems that are coming from an automated script than from a human. Also humans following instructions are making more mistakes than a script. Infrastructure as Code is a game changer.

CodeReady Workspaces (based on the upstream Eclipse Che project) provides another level of maturity for developers and ops: we could call it DWaC for Developer Workspace as Code. The goal is to automate the setup of the tooling and the developer environment for each task. This would be done into a single file: the devfile.

We will demonstrate how Che can leverage Ansible and simplify Ansible playbook development for anyone: the new hired developers, the full-stack developers, the ops and ... the devops.

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Sun Tan, Red Hat


Victor de la Costa, Red Hat