Ansible with Azure: 0-60 in 6 Months!


When our very small team was tasked with rapidly automating our traditional on premise approaches for Microsoft Azure we were surprised by how much more applicable and powerful Ansible was top to bottom than public articles/blogs/podcasts led us to believe. Being able to keep our focus to just Ansible and Azure has allowed us to quickly shape out a comprehensive automation practice covering; infrastructure provisioning and configuration management, automation testing. All while starting from a traditional administration and operation background with little software development and coding experience. We’d like to share what it’s been like being asked to go from 0 to 60 and so far surviving and even enjoying the ride.

This session you will hear about:
• Challenges and surprises with Infrastructure as Code in Azure.
• Developing new practices for infrastructure as code in a traditional I.T. / Software company.
• How to teach old dogs new tricks; some tools I’ve liked and where I found lessons learned.
• You might be pleasantly surprised by how broad applicable Ansible is to the different layers/services of Azure and be able to keep your tool chain to a minimum. Public articles/blogs led us to believe otherwise.

Slides here



Adam Brassard, Innovopost