Automating Enterprise Firewall Requests with Tower


Presentation on how I took a time consuming, error prone, unstructured firewall request process and implemented a 'handsfree" process for network engineering. Quick review of the old manual firewall process, then cover the flow of the new process I implemented with ansible. I can demo how we use tower/ansible to pull approved firewall change requests from our change management system and how we deploy to Cisco ACI and Palo Firewalls.

Attendees will be well served to understand Cisco ACI application-centric deployment but it's not required, I'll cover some quick basics. Knowledge of any firewalling is fine, it doesn't have to be Palo specific.

I was imagining a breakout session to present. I was hoping to then host a smaller session, like a birds in the feather, where I can interact with anyone who wants to dive deeper.

Slides here



Eric Spencer, Corporation Service Company