Ansible 1.1 Released!

April 2, 2013 by Michael DeHaan

Today I'm happy to announce the release of Ansible 1.1!

This release brings 21 new modules to Ansible, including core modules for Ruby Gems, Mongo DB, Rabbit MQ, and Red Hat Network/Satellite channels. As while I say this every time, this is our biggest release ever by a long shot.

1.1 also brings much requested "dry run" support, in the form of the "--check" flag on Ansible Playbooks. It is also possible to show differences in changed templated files prior to making changes.

Another powerful feature I want to highlight -- the new "environment" keyword can quickly swap in environment settings for different tasks, allowing users to easily work with multiple proxy servers (or no proxy server) when dealing with content coming from different sources.

The inventory system can now support multiple simultaneous hybrid inventories, so if you have some inventory in OpenStack Nova, some in EC2, and some in a manually managed file, you can address machines in all of them at once. Once again thanks to Daniel Hokka Zakrisson for getting this operational.

There's a lot more, and those interested should see the Changelog in Git.

More and more people are finding out about Ansible, as the project has recently passed 1350 followers on github and will soon have been forked over 400 times! What is more impressive though, is this release (developed over the past 2 months) is the work of 100 unique contributors! The pace at which Ansible has been growing has been amazing to watch and I have to thank everyone once again for making this an amazingly great experience. I enjoy working with all of you very much, and appreciate all your help whether it comes in the form of sharing ideas, adding features, helping test, helping users, or simply just getting the word out there. This is everyone's project and you should be proud of this release.

Ansible 1.2 starts now, and will stick to our every-two-months release schedule. There's a lot coming. A lot of interesting development will be focused around Ansible Commander, our REST API and user interface project, though there are a lot of interesting improvements to Ansible core in store as well (including variable/conditional upgrades and likely improved handlers). I already have 30 pull requests queued up from last week's feature freeze!

Let's get started.

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