Tower 1.4.5 (formerly AWX) Released

February 10, 2014 by Michael DeHaan

Today we're happy to announce the release of Ansible Tower 1.4.5, which brings with it many improvements. Ansible Tower is a GUI and REST API for managing both cloud-based and traditional/hybrid Ansible deployments, providing push button access and delegation of authority for all kinds of IT automation jobs.

Vastly-Improved Inventory Editing GUI

The graphical inventory editor in Tower allows for viewing and managing all details of your hosts, whether they were imported from a cloud provider, synchronized from an external inventory script, or entered manually. In 1.4.5, this editor brings the "Properties", "Hosts", and "Groups" view back into a single panel, allowing easy drag and drop operation to move groups and hosts around. We think you'll like it a lot.

As with previous editions, status of your hosts and groups bubble up into easy to understand red and green dashboard lights, so it's easy to isolate problems, dive down into the history of jobs affecting a particular host, and make corrections. Now, however, this is even more clear and easy to use.


The screenshot above is a small teaser. Install 1.4.5 to check it out and explore using it.

Improved Performance for Large Inventory Sets

It's no secret that keeping track of the history of all your hosts and job runs takes some degree of horsepower -- and Tower keeps up with a lot of things that Core Ansible does not. 1.4.5 contains lots of internal plumbing enhancements designed to keep the system running super smoothly, even with large amounts of data and database activity. Whether it's managing a large job running against a vast array of hosts or synchronizing inventory with a large EC2 configuration, 1.4.5 is better, faster, and stronger -- all while keeping track of everything that happens and the overall status of your system.

Upgraded Activity Streams

If you have compliance and auditing requirements, having a system that tracks what is going on everywhere can be a lifesafer. Even if you don't, having a nice place to see what's going on in your team is nice to have. 1.4.5 improves our previous "activity stream" feature in 1.4.0 to not only be more efficient, but also to make activity available, through RBAC, to everyone on your team, not just the server admins. In a multi-tenant or multi-user environment, it's a great way to see who is launching jobs, editing inventory, creating new users, and all sorts of interesting things within the Tower system. Since things are RBAC filtered, you only will see the history that you are meant to see. And like the rest of Tower, all of this is configured easily and intuitively, so just set up your teams and this is immediately available.

Future Releases

We have some neat surprises in store for future Tower releases. Keep checking back with the blog for more details and release announcements!

Download Tower

To download tower, visit For usage in up to 10 nodes, Tower is completely free. The download email you get from the aforementioned page will also include a link to documentation.

Happy Ansiblizing!

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