Ansible and MindPoint Group Deliver Automation for Government STIG Compliance

March 16, 2015 by Justin Nemmers

Ansible has teamed with security consultancy MindPoint Group to develop, release, and support a set of Ansible Roles that will save IT organizations considerable amounts of time when applying and maintaining security baselines such as the DISA STIG or CIS benchmark to IT environments.

Why MindPoint Group? That answer is simple. MindPoint Group has a singular focus which has led to an excellent reputation for delivering end-to-end security solutions to commercial and government clients alike.  This focus, coupled with their love of Ansible, made MindPoint Group a natural choice for partnering on the development of free-and-open security baseline roles and playbooks.

The best part? This relationship is already helping Ansible users.


The first Role is for the DISA STIG on RHEL 6 (and variant systems) and is now available in Ansible Galaxy. This Role enables customers to automate the application and management of STIG-compliant systems in their environments, all the while leveraging Ansible’s agentless management framework.  When applied using Ansible, the RHEL 6 STIG Role automates a significant amount of the manual and redundant scripting and remediation that IT organizations often rely on to ensure they meet the STIG OS requirements.

Releasing this important Role is just the beginning. Along with Role updates to support other operating systems, we'll also be creating Roles to cover additional security baselines, and eventually, specific application baseline requirements.

We're excited to be working together to help bring the reality of automated security baselines to the large community of Ansible users. Over the next several weeks, we'll be releasing additional content discussing how automation and security go hand-in-hand, so check back frequently!

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Justin Nemmers

Justin is the former GM, Ansible, Red Hat. He has spent a career helping organizations transform their IT environments by adopting new and making better use of existing technologies. Over his career, he has held both technical, sales, marketing and product leadership roles at a number of organizations, including Red Hat, where he ran a large services team. He resides in Raleigh, NC with his wife and children and tweets from @justnems.

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