Ansible Automates 2020

June 8, 2020 by Richard Henshall

Today, the operational role of IT is obvious. The rapid developments enabled by automation create genuine business value. The results that can be achieved by automation have a direct link to a company’s business goals. 

As a CTO or CIO, sometimes you need help articulating this to stakeholders. Translating IT departments’ performance into business prioritized KPIs. Most see efficiency gains, cost and risk reductions, for example. Automation is clearly an executive-level issue.

At first, Ansible was a classical tool that was  utilized for specific automation. Ansible helps your team automate routine tasks, so that they can instead focus on what you want to do. The platform enables you to structure work by automating your processes.


Automation is a journey - start yours at Ansible Automates 2020

The global, all-day digital event – Ansible Automates 2020 – takes place on June 10. The event provides inspiration as to how the automation journey can be accelerated and taken to the next level. And no, we’re not going to discuss functionality and technology all day. We want to highlight the cultural and behavioral changes that are linked to the trend towards greater automation. 

For organizations to achieve the best results, they need to focus on the new tools and tactics at their disposal. At Ansible Automates 2020, we’ll be deep diving at a consultative level. We will discuss both the human and the business aspects of automation.

Ansible Automates 2020 takes place in a more digital, and more unusual, time than ever before With so many unprecedented challenges emerging in the IT sphere, automation can provide increased value and much sought after solutions for teams. The cost efficiencies associated with automation are a top priority right now given the economic challenges that many people are facing.

Automation is not a destination; it’s a journey. At Ansible Automates 2020, we’ll be hosting a roundtable with four clients from our broad spectrum of fields. They will discuss and share their respective automation journeys specific to their use cases, key issues and challenges. What would they do differently if they started the same journey again today? What are the challenges they face now? There is enormous value in knowledge sharing, which is a key principle in open source technology. 


Automated change is coming

Those of us who have worked in IT a little longer than we might admit can probably recall some of the old ways we used to get things done. We tested every code ourselves and documented everything we did, from start to finish. But in the early 2000s, creating a more efficient process was increasingly prioritized, adding dedicated teams for testing and documentation to the department. Automation has emerged as a similar watershed moment in time as an integral part of the technological evolution.

Now, striving to automate all manual processes has become second nature, with many organizations accelerating the pace. This has resulted in an increase in the number of change journeys. Almost all of those who see the positive effects of automation undergo a deeper behavioral change. 


Advice to those who want to get started with automation:

At Ansible Automates 2020, you will connect with stories on how to get started with automation at more than just a technical level. The event will help you start thinking about important considerations, such as: 

1) Start by asking yourself the right questions. What do you want to achieve, both from organizational and business perspectives? What are your business goals? Where are you now?

2) Actors such as Red Hat will always add new, exciting technology to the mix. As automation becomes increasingly relevant, its related areas of application and creativity grow, which is fantastic. The important thing is to continue to identify the issues mentioned above: what do you need? 

3) The community exists because they want to help! Set a plan for how to best use the Ansible community, as well as the open source community in general. 

Join us on June 10


And, if you have your own automation story to tell, submit your story for AnsibleFest Virtual Experience. Call for proposals is open through July 15.




Richard Henshall

Richard Henshall is Senior Manager of Ansible Product Management at Red Hat and responsible for the Ansible Automation Platform strategy. Before joining Red Hat Richard was an Ansible customer with 16 years of experience in Financial Services IT across a range of operational, design and Architecture roles.

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