Ansible Automation Platform - A video tour

February 14, 2022 by Sean Cavanaugh

Many people are familiar with the community version of Ansible, the command line automation tool, but I wanted to elaborate on how our enterprise offering, Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform, and how it expands the possibilities of Ansible for our customers in Red Hat's most recent release.

Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform forges that open source innovation into a single, secure enterprise solution. We released our latest version Ansible Automation Platform 2.1 in December 2021, and there are a ton of new components, features and capabilities. So the technical marketing team put together a video tour of Ansible Automation Platform 2. It’s an 8 minute overview that we hope will provide automators with a useful guide to all of the new tools available to them, and how all the parts of Ansible Automation Platform fit together. 


If you’re looking to learn more about a specific component of the platform, you can jump right to it:

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What can I do next?

Whether you are beginning your automation journey or a seasoned veteran, there are a variety of resources to enhance your automation knowledge:


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Sean Cavanaugh

Sean is a Senior Principal Technical Marketing Manager, Ansible, where he brings over 12 years of experience building and automating computer networks. Sean previously worked for both Cumulus Networks (acquired by Nvidia) and Cisco Systems where he helped customers deploy, manage and automate their network infrastructure. He resides in Chapel Hill, NC with his wife and children and tweets from @IPvSean.

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