Ansible + AWS: Re-Inventing Cloud Automation

October 1, 2015 by Justin Nemmers


Amazon Web Services and Ansible together make a great pair. AWS is a popular cloud target for Ansible users, and the reasons are clear: Ansible offers built-in support for over 20 different AWS capabilities with 50 different easy-to-use and understand Ansible modules. And as always, from on-premise to cloud, you can automate 100% of your infrastructure without ever installing an agent.

The takeaway? If your IT organizations is serious about AWS, then it needs to be serious about Ansible automation.

Come visit Ansible in booth 439 at re:Invent 2015 to learn how customers are using the Ansible automation platform to re-invent how they’re managing their cloud applications. Whether you’re just dipping your toe into the cloud, or are already running a fully-automated devops-enabled environment, Ansible is the key to unlocking the full benefit of moving to the cloud.

Connect with our team at the show:


Todd Barr
SVP of Sales & Marketing

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Justin Nemmers
Director of Federal & State Government

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John Ryan
Senior Director of Channels & Business Development

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Dave Johnson
Technical Director

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Danny Ganzon
Account Executive

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Jonathan Davila
Solutions Architect

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If you’re new to Ansible, this is your opportunity to hit us with whatever questions you have about how to get started, and how using Ansible in your cloud environment will make your life easier. We’ll also be happy to talk about how Ansible is truly the language of DevOps, uniquely unifying every team in your organization with human readable, self-documenting Ansible playbooks.

Want to see Ansible in action?
Check out our new video from Dave Johnson on how Ansible and Tower lets you scale from one instance to hundreds in minutes!

Can’t get enough?
Read all about Ansible + AWS

Been using Ansible for a while now? Come say “hi” and grab an Ansibull, or perhaps a t-shirt or sticker. We look forward to catching up with you. 


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Justin Nemmers

Justin is the former GM, Ansible, Red Hat. He has spent a career helping organizations transform their IT environments by adopting new and making better use of existing technologies. Over his career, he has held both technical, sales, marketing and product leadership roles at a number of organizations, including Red Hat, where he ran a large services team. He resides in Raleigh, NC with his wife and children and tweets from @justnems.

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