Ansible Community Momentum Continues with the Hiring of Greg DeKoenigsberg

June 16, 2014 by Said Ziouani


In a span of just two years, Ansible has grown to be the most popular open source IT automation project on GitHub. We have new contributors on a daily basis, an IRC channel nearing 1000 members, and Ansible placed fifth in having the most unique contributors in 2013, alongside well known projects such as Rails, AngularJS, and HomeBrew.

Ansible meetups are taking place weekly across the globe -- from South Africa to Sydney to Boston -- often with multiple meetups in the same cities in the same week. With users now including Twitter, Apple, EA, Splunk, Atlassian, Evernote, and Verizon, to name a few, almost every DevOps Days event and conversation has a strong Ansible presence.

Launched five months ago, Ansible Galaxy has become the hub for all things Ansible, where users can find exactly the right tools to make their Ansible experience easy and productive. Galaxy has close to 600 roles and already over 4,000 subscribers and growing.

With this incredible momentum, it has become clear that we need to augment the Ansible team with the right talent to support such a vibrant and growing community. Greg DeKoenigsberg, whom we knew from the early Red Hat days, has graciously accepted our invitation to join the team. For that, we are grateful, as Greg is one of the most talented open source community managers in the world. He oversaw Red Hat’s many early open source projects and was hugely instrumental in making Red Hat’s Fedora Project and One Laptop per Child (OLPC) a success.

Working with an Ansible-sized community is always a challenge. Greg’s responsibilities will not only be to ensure that the Ansible team continues to interact effectively with the Ansible community, but also to encourage new members globally to join and participate, attending and leading forums and ensuring that our community and users are well served.

As Ansible continues to grow in both users and customers, our community and its members will continue to play a vital role in how we, collectively, will shape the future of IT automation. The DevOps movement, containerization, and cloud demand for more agile and nimble tools and will continue to drive more innovation -- driven largely by community members from both big enterprises and startups alike.

We are thrilled that Greg is joining Ansible and we look forward to an amazing journey ahead with our customers, users and community members!

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Said Ziouani

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