Uncontaina-bull: The love for Ansible + Docker

August 26, 2015 by Robyn Bergeron


Here at Ansible, we normally leave it up to our good friend @Ansibull to deploy the puns. But having just joined Ansible in the past few weeks, I’ve been spending some time getting acquainted with the vast quantity of Ansible resources produced by the lovely folks in the community, and I have to say, the amount of great content out there is just…


This is especially great for those of us looking how to do Ansible + $justaboutanything: Ansible + OpenStack, Ansible + Drupal, Ansible + CoreOS, or, as you may have guessed, Ansible + Docker.

Of course, Ansible has some useful resources for how to use Docker with Ansible. But the beautiful thing about what all of our friends in the community are writing is that they’re sharing all the things they learned along the way, how it helped out their company or workplace, what puzzles they had to solve; basically, things you may run into yourself, or ideas that may be inspiring to you that you hadn’t thought of just yet.

And to not share those things with everyone else? That would be, ahem, unthinka-bull. So without further ado: Here’s just a little bit of the latest and greatest helpful Ansible + Docker content we’ve found around the good ol’ intertubes. Enjoy!

Mooo-vies... errr, Videos

Sébastien Han of Red Hat shows us how to deploy Ceph in Docker containers with Ansible. (And hey, if you’re looking for even more -- here’s the fully Hat-ified version, for Red Hat Ceph Storage + RHEL 7.1 + Ansible.)


Ansible + Docker + all the other things? You got it. Orchestration and CI/CD with Ansible, Docker, CoreOS, OpenStack, Git, Jenkins, Packer, and Vagrant, courtesy of Simone Soldateschi’s presentation at PyCon Australia.



The meetup community for Ansible is growing steadily (in fact, we just crossed the 10k Ansible meetup members threshold!) - and lots of folks are super conscientious about posting their slides from their meetup groups, much in the same way that folks also post their slides from conferences. Here’s just a few of the goodies for Ansible + Docker:

Leonid Mirsky presented this deck on CoreOS + Docker + Ansible on AWS for the Ansible meetup group in Tel Aviv-Yafo this past July.



Robert Reiz of VersionEye shared his introductory tips for using Docker with Ansible in this great slide deck (replete with online examples for you to download!).


Jonatan Blue gave a talk on Ansible + Docker at the Ansible Oxford Meetup in July. Cows and whales, helping you get started!


But wait… there’s mooooo-re!

  • Jan Vermeir of Xebia Labs writes on how they helped their customer use Ansible to enable continuous delivery of Docker images -- or, as their customer described it, “develop software at the speed of thought.”
  • Patterns are great, and this post shares the pattern for managing Docker with Ansible and systemd. Props to Billie Thompson for sharing her wisdom, and for making the internet a slightly happier place with a positively-vibed systemd-related blog post.

  • Ansible, docker-machine, and AWS? Why, yes, you can, and thanks to Alexander Brandstedt for the tip.

  • Just getting started with Ansible + Docker? Ash Wilson of Rackspace shares his tips on how to build Docker images with Ansible, and how to deploy Docker containers with Ansible.

  • And even though getting started with Ansible and Docker is pretty darned easy, here’s a few more tips and code examples from Thomas Steinbach, in the lovingly titled blog post, “The Marriage of Ansible and Docker.”

Until next time: Enjoy your newfound Docker + Ansible tips. And keep on making all your things…






Robyn Bergeron

Robyn Bergeron is the Community Architect for Ansible at Red Hat, building community bridges and inspiring contributors to do great things. She’s been a sysadmin, program manager, business analyst, and developer advocate in past lives, and started her career in open source at Red Hat, where she was the Fedora Project Leader.

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