Ansible Integrations at AnsibleFest

August 28, 2018 by Chris Short


AnsibleFest is fast approaching! We couldn’t be more excited to be holding our 13th AnsibleFest in Austin, TX. This year's AnsibleFest is on track to be the biggest one ever. Ansible is the proverbial Swiss Army knife in the office desk drawer. The Ansible Integrations track will highlight the combined power of Ansible when used with other technologies. Combining Ansible with other technologies enables organizations to reach new heights with their automation.

As someone who has worked in the DevOps space for years, I'm looking forward to this track. It's filled with talks from speakers that have improved their existing tooling with Ansible. There are a few sessions you might find me standing in the back of (time permitting, of course) that I’d like to highlight here:

1. Ansible and HashiCorp: Better together from Sean Carolan, HashiCorp and Dylan Silva, Red Hat

Automation tools don’t have to be competitive. Great things can be achieved when you combine great tools together and collaborate. Come along and learn how Ansible users can leverage HashiCorp tools/products to achieve their goals of an automated enterprise through complimentary security, image management, post provisioning configuration and integrated end-to-end automation solutions. Read more here.

Having used Ansible and Terraform in tandem at previous employers, I can tell you there are benefits to using the two together. I’m hoping to see what other HashiCorp tools are mentioned in this talk that work well with Ansible for automating software delivery.

2. Ansible and Red Hat Management - better...stronger...faster from John Spinks, Red Hat:

Ansible is rapidly being integrated into Red Hat management products. The Ansible platform provides an automation foundation that we are using to evolve our management products and make them better than they were before. Read more here.

3. Using Ansible to deploy workloads on Microsoft Azure from Stuart Kirk, Microsoft:

This session will show the integration of Ansible with Microsoft Azure. Public Cloud provides a vast platform to run any type of workload. It provides a massive amount of compute power on demand and allows industries to be more productive and cost effective with intense projects. Harnessing this power is critical however it must be done in a way that reuses as much existing code as possible at low complexity. See the example code and live demonstrations that will provide the gateway to Azure. Read more here.

Red Hat and Microsoft have become good friends of late. Seeing Ansible manage Azure assets from a Microsoft employee’s perspective is a testament that Microsoft really has embraced open source. Not only that, Microsoft has put a significant amount of effort into making Ansible modules for Azure better.

Register now to attend and be part of the best AnsibleFest yet. Sign up by September 9 to book your hotel room for a discounted rate in our room block. See you in Austin in October!





Chris Short

Chris Short has been a proponent of open source solutions throughout his over two decades in various IT disciplines including systems, security, networks, and DevOps engineering and advocacy across the public and private sectors. He currently works on the Ansible team at Red Hat. Chris is a partially disabled US Air Force veteran living with his wife and son in Greater Metro Detroit. Chris writes about DevOps and other topics at He also runs the DevOps, Cloud Native, and open source focused newsletter DevOps’ish.

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