Ansible as IT Automation Glue

May 10, 2016 by Mark Phillips


Throughout my time at Ansible, I have endeavoured to put together pertinent demos for customers - when I was 'on the other side of the fence' I always preferred it when a vendor asked about the challenges we faced and prepared the product to show how it would help me.

A few months back a customer told us about their challenge of getting code from development into production, and how it was taking almost a third of a year. They wanted to see how Ansible could help accelerate that workflow.

Since giving that demo I've not stopped asking customers about their challenges, but nine times out of ten they come back with the same answer these days - development to production workflow acceleration. That's when I show the same demo.

After running through this so many times, I thought it might be useful to record it as a screencast to share it publicly - along with all the Ansible Playbooks used to put it together. The demo runs to 18 minutes in total, but covers many aspects of how powerful and flexible Ansible is as a tool - from machine provisioning to configuration management to code deployment to interacting with various APIs - all in the pursuit of gluing together many components:


IT Automation, Infrastructure


Mark Phillips

Mark Phillips is a UK-based Product Manager. With almost a quarter of a century of industry experience, he has designed and engineered automated infrastructures at every level - from a handful of hosts in startups, to the tens of thousands in investment banks. You can follow him on twitter at @thismarkp.


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