Ansible Tower 1.4.8: Scheduled Actions & Vault

April 8, 2014 by Michael DeHaan


Ansible Tower 1.4.8 is now released and available for download.

Scheduled Actions

With Tower 1.4.8, Ansible playbook jobs, inventory synchronization, and project source control updates can now be scheduled. Any type of action can have multiple schedules associated with it.

Actions can be queued up to run at a future date and time, and can be scheduled to repeat up until a given date in the future, or for a given number of times.  Schedules can be set for minute, hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly intervals.  This is a generic feature in Tower so any long-running operations in the future will also be able to support scheduling.

This is great for cases where you want to periodically make sure systems are in a given state, wire up a continuous deployment environment, or schedule nightly backups of all of your database servers.

The task management engine in Tower has also been updated such that it knows how much resource your Tower machine has, and queues up as many jobs as possible to run simultaneously. This means more tasks can be executed simultaneously without potentially overwhelming the system. 

Unified Job View

The jobs page in tower is now split up into four categories - completed jobs, active (running) jobs, queued jobs, and scheduled jobs.  It's easy to cancel, edit schedules, and relaunch all from this central view.  By looking at the job queue you can have a better idea of when a job will next be ready to run.

Vault Support

Ansible Tower's credential system now allows entering Vault passwords into machine credentials, so Vault encrypted playbooks can be used with Tower.  As with all credentials support, you can choose to enter your password every time or let Tower hold onto an encrypted copy.

To download Ansible Tower, hop on over to the Ansible Tower page.

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