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June 15, 2015 by Bill Nottingham

If you were at AnsibleFest NYC, you saw a sneak preview of Ansible Tower 2.2, coming this summer. For those of you that didn't, we thought we'd mention some of the things that are coming in the next release.

Ansible Tower remains the best way to run Ansible in your organization - marrying the simple, agentless, and powerful automation of Ansible with the control, security, and delegation you need to supercharge your IT teams ability to tackle complex automation tasks simply.

And we've worked to make Tower even better for you, bringing you new features like:

Streamlined Interface with Setup Mode


We've listened to our customers and foregrounded the things you need on a day to day basis.,Meanwhile, Tower’s new setup screen gathers all the parts of Tower the administrator needs to configure such as organizations, users, groups, and permissions, in one place.

Galaxy Integration

Just add a Galaxy requirements file to your project directory, and Tower will automatically pull any playbook roles you need from Ansible Galaxy, GitHub, or any other centralized source.

Inventory Support for OpenStack

Ansible is committed to help make OpenStack simple for everyone to use, and we've now made it simple to use your OpenStack environment as an inventory source in Tower.

Remote Command Execution


Often times, you just need to do a simple task on a few hosts, whether it's add a single user, update a security vulnerability, or restart a misbehaving service.

Tower 2.2 now includes remote command execution, allowing you to do just that - any task that you can describe as a single Ansible play can be run on a host or group of hosts in your inventory, allowing you to get managing your systems quickly and easily, while still being controlled by Tower's powerful role-based access control, and logged in Tower's audit trail.


System Tracking


Being able to automate your machines is just the beginning. You need to know more clearly what’s going on in your infrastructure - what software is on the machines, what services are running, and how has your automation changed over time. Tower’s new System Tracking, available in Enterprise and Premium Tower, brings this level of visibility to your infrastructure. Track what's installed on your systems, track how they compare to other systems in your cluster, or how they've changed over time. Extend the data tracked on systems, and pull it from Tower's built-in REST API for any other use you might have.

Want to try it soon?

Ansible Tower 2.2 will be coming this summer, and as always, you'll be able to try Tower for free. However, with this release, we're doing a limited preview release of Tower with select Ansible customers who'd be interested in trying out our new features and giving us feedback. If you're an existing Tower customer, and would be interested in this, please contact us, and we'll add you to the list of potential previewers.




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Bill Nottingham

Bill Nottingham is a Product Manager, Ansible, Red Hat. After 15+ years building and architecting Red Hat’s Linux products he joined Ansible ... which then became part of Red Hat a year and a half later. His days are spent chatting with users and customers about Ansible and Red Hat Ansible Tower. He can be found on Twitter at @bill_nottingham, and occasionally doing a very poor impersonation of a soccer player.

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