Ansible Tower Now Available with Vagrant

May 12, 2015 by Bill Nottingham


Ansible is about simple, yet powerful automation. We want to make automation easy for everyone to learn, use, and deploy, for developers, system administrators, and operators of every skill level.

Every day we hear the success stories of people who have been able to take Ansible’s powerful automation and use it to cut their IT costs, stabilize their deployments, and allow them to get back to their focus of their job rather than continually grinding through manual tasks.

On top of that, we’ve built Ansible Tower, a web interface and API that brings those same simple principles to applying command, control, and delegation to an Ansible deployment. Customers like Nike, Splunk, Grainger, and others use Tower to centralize their Ansible deployment, delegate credentials and tasks to users in a controlled manner, and allow easy self-service access to users without them knowing the specifics of those automation.

We’re always interested in making things simpler for our users, and this extends to deploying and trying Tower as well. That’s why we’ve decided to make Tower available for use with Vagrant - what’s simpler than that?

You can try out Ansible Tower in Vagrant with just a few commands here.

Log into Tower with the administrator password provided, and then come to Ansible, get a trial license, and get automating.

Please note Ansible Tower in Vagrant is for trial and demonstration purposes only. We’ll continue to bring more simple ways to get going with Tower in the future - we can hardly contain our excitement. For any questions or issues, don’t hesitate to contact us at


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Bill Nottingham

Bill Nottingham is a Product Manager, Ansible, Red Hat. After 15+ years building and architecting Red Hat’s Linux products he joined Ansible ... which then became part of Red Hat a year and a half later. His days are spent chatting with users and customers about Ansible and Red Hat Ansible Tower. He can be found on Twitter at @bill_nottingham, and occasionally doing a very poor impersonation of a soccer player.


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