AnsibleFest 2020 Live Q&A

October 7, 2020 by Elle Universal

We are less than a week away from AnsibleFest 2020! We can’t wait to connect with you and help you connect with other automation lovers. We have some great content lined up for this year’s virtual experience and that includes some amazing Live Q&A Sessions. This year, you will be able to get your questions answered from Ansible experts, Red Hatters and Ansible customers. Let’s dive into what you can expect. 


Tuesday, October 13


Live Q&A: Get all your network automation questions answered with Brad Thornton, Iftikhar Khan and Sean Cavanaugh

In this session, a panel of experts discuss a wide range of use cases around network automation.  They will talk about the Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform and the product direction including Ansible Network Collections, resource modules and managing network devices in a GitOps model. Bring your questions for the architects and learn more about how Red Hat is helping organizations operationalize automation in their network while bridging gaps between different IT infrastructure teams.


Live Q&A: Bridging traditional, container, and edge platforms through automation with Joe Fitzgerald, Ashesh Badani, and Stefanie Chiras

Join this panel discussion, moderated by Kelly Fitzpatrick (Redmonk), to hear from Joe Fitzgerald, Ashesh Badani, and Stefanie Chiras about using automation to connect traditional, container, and edge platforms.


Live Q&A: Efficiently scaling automation across your organization

Automating the enterprise requires breaking down silos and empowering self-service. But how do you scale your automation efficiently across your organization? Join this "ask the expert" session where you will learn the key training to accelerate your automation use, how to advance your organization's goals through a guided mentorship and have the opportunity to ask a Red Hat expert technical and non-technical questions about enterprise automation.


Live Q&A: Ansible Diversity & Inclusion working group with Bianca Henderson, Thanh Nguyet Vo, Alicia Cozine, Jill Rouleau and Carol Chen

The Diversity and Inclusion working group will answer your questions about D&I in the Ansible community and offer ways for you to get involved.


Live Q&A: Common Connections - Automation in the Public Sector 

Automation is the cornerstone of cloud, datacenter consolidation and IT modernization.  No matter what aspect of IT you are engaging with, automating manual processes is proven to increase reliability by reducing manual errors, decreasing time to deliver IT assets and is key to building self service capabilities for your enterprise. More recently, we've seen an interesting confluence of technologies bringing automation to bear on solving issues of security scanning, remediation and documentation within the public sector.  This session is public sector focused where you'll be able to ask the speakers any question from beginner to advanced on all things automation.


Live Q&A: Automation Architects and the automation strategy in today's organizations

The use of automation has emerged from a single task-based solution to a strategic imperative, where many companies are looking to implement full end-to-end automation strategies.  Along with this shift comes the need for an “Automation Architect” role to work with the business and the technology team to define and implement an automation strategy.  This session is an open Q&A session with Chad Ferman, an architect looking after automation for Exxon Mobil.


Live Q&A: Building Ansible Content Collections and using Automation Hub 

Get all your questions answered on building Ansible Content Collections, why they matter and how to share, consume, use and access content hosted in Automation Hub.

Wednesday, October 14


Live Q&A: Open forum about connecting traditional, container and edge platforms through management and automation with Joe Fernandes, Dave Lindquist and Tom Anderson

Join Joe Fernandes, Dave Lindquist and Tom Anderson in an open discussion about delivering the next generation of enterprise infrastructure at scale with automation as the bridge and what Red Hat is doing to deliver on multi-cloud management and automation. 


Live Q&A: Open forum about the future of Automation with Ansible Engineers Jason McKerr, Aaron Withrow, Adam Miller and Richard Henhsall

A panel of engineering leaders will discuss the future of Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform and how they are working to deliver a flexible platform for delivering end-to-end automation. This panel will be moderated by Tim Cramer, vice president,, Software Engineering at Red Hat.


Live Q&A: Get all your security automation questions answered with Sumit Jaiswal, Faz Sadeghi and Roland Wolters

We have assembled a panel of experts to answer any of your questions as they relate to automating security across your security operations center. Some topics for discussion include the numerous integrations and certified collections with Red Hat's security partners, and how this can help you get started or optimize your security practice with Ansible security automation.  This panel can also answer questions relating to where your security team is on their automation journey, including how security teams can move from beginner, to automating Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), all the way to Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR). Join us at 11am  EST on Wednesday, October 14 to engage with our panel and get all of your security automation questions answered.


Live Q&A: Applying open source principles to diversity and inclusion with Sam Knuth, Allie DeVolder and Koren Townsend

Open source principles apply to much more than code. Tune in as Red Hat Diversity and Inclusion Community leaders share how they used Red Hat’s open approach to foster inclusivity across the company and in their communities. Come with questions about how you can bring your open source expertise to inclusion initiatives that you feel passionate about and that would enhance diversity in your organization.


Live Q&A: Common Connections - Automation patterns and trends in the Telco vertical with ATT, Bell and Vodafone 

Ansible has an ever increasing footprint in the Telco industry. From automating backbone networks to provisioning services and making the life of operations teams a lot more efficient, Ansible has been a successful automation framework due to it’s short learning curve, it’s “batteries included” approach and extensive community.

The panel will address experience with deploying Ansible and Ansible’s impact on cultural transformation within teams, in addition to emerging automation patterns and trends within the Telco industry. The panel will discuss CI/CD strategies and infrastructure as code enablement through Ansible. 


Live Q&A: Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management for Kubernetes with Jimmy Alvarez, Loic Avenel and Jeff Brent

Do you have questions about managing your Kubernetes clusters? Want to learn more about how you can manage your cluster and application life cycle, along with security and compliance of your entire Kubernetes domain? Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management for Kubernetes provides a single view to manage your Kubernetes clusters—from Red Hat OpenShift deployed on premise and in public clouds, as well as clusters from public cloud providers like AWS, Google, IBM and Microsoft Azure. Join the Red Hat product team as they answer your questions around Kubernetes management.


Live Q&A: Automation in a hybrid cloud environment with John Wadleigh

As you move to a cloud platform, whether private or public, you may find that you are still supporting on-premises infrastructure and provisioning, and your application workloads are spread across both cloud and on-prem. Ansible Automation Platform provides a centralized place for management, but what is the role of dynamic inventory and how have recent enhancements to Ansible Tower made it easier and more valuable to implement? This "ask the expert" session will provide an overview of dynamic inventories and an opportunity to ask an Ansible expert technical and non-technical questions about automation in a hybrid cloud environment.

What’s Next? 

If you have not already registered for AnsibleFest, go register today. Curious about the other content we have to offer at AnsibleFest? Check out the session catalog. We look forward to connecting with you next week and answering all your questions!




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