AnsibleFest Atlanta - Ansible Automation

September 10, 2019 by Elle Lathram



AnsibleFest is right around the corner and we are excited to go to Atlanta! We talked with Track Lead Colin McNaughton to learn more about the Ansible Automation track and the sessions within it. 


Who is this track best for? 

This track is best for existing users, story-tellers, curious adopters and enterprise architects. 


What topics will this track cover? 

This track will include conversations and presentations guided by existing Ansible Automation customers. Sessions in this track will expand on how the application of key components of Ansible change along the road to enterprise adoption of Ansible Automation. Attend sessions in this track to learn about how others manage inventories, create cloud infrastructure defined as code, and other lessons learned from real world deployments.


What should attendees expect to learn from this track? 

Attendees can expect to hear stories from real world experience in automating in diverse ecosystems and discussions around applying and scaling core tenets of Ansible Automation.


Where would you expect to find attendees to this track to hangout online?

If attendees are looking to learn more or have questions after AnsibleFest, online communities like message board style communities, Stack Overflow, Hacker News, and reddit are great resources.


What workshop would you recommend that would compliment the sessions in this track?

Hands on workshops are a great way to exercise common themes across topics of this track. Attendees of this track should look for an open seat in any workshop, but it might be more beneficial to select one that interacts with an unfamiliar technology. However, workshops have limited space and fill up quickly, so make sure to register for AnsibleFest so you can sign up for workshops!




Elle Lathram

Ansible Automation - Marketing And Automation Marketing Coordinator

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