AnsibleFest Atlanta - Culture and Collaboration

September 5, 2019 by Elle Lathram



Now that AnsibleFest is right around the corner, we wanted to take a closer look at each of the tracks that we will offer. We talked with Track Lead Brian Coursen and asked him a few questions about the Culture and Collaboration Track and sessions within the track.  


Who is this track best for? 

This track is best for attendees that want to see how Ansible is used and how it brings people and teams together in the workplace.


What topics will this track cover? 

Topics will include how to create an automation culture as well as highlight some automation use cases. This will include minimizing business unit conflict with patch automation, how to build an open source network service orchestrator using Ansible at the core, and why automation isn't just a passing fad but a necessity in today's enterprise.


What should attendees expect to learn from this track? 

Attendees will learn about DevOps culture and automation. They will also learn about how places like National Weather Service Southern Region; Datacom; and the British financial institution, RBS, are all using Ansible to create a culture of collaboration. 


Where would you expect to find attendees of track to hangout online?

If attendees are looking to learn more or have questions after AnsibleFest, Ansible users can checkout the Ansible community pages and the IRC channel:


What workshop would you recommend that would compliment the sessions in this track?

Ansible for Red Hat Enterprise Linux Workshop is a great compliment to this track. However, workshops have limited space and fill up quickly, so make sure to register for AnsibleFest so you can sign up for workshops!




Elle Lathram

Ansible Automation - Marketing And Automation Marketing Coordinator

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