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September 3, 2019 by Elle Lathram



AnsibleFest is only a few short weeks away and we are excited to share with you all the great content and sessions we have lined up! On the Ansible blog, we have been taking a closer look at each of the breakout session tracks so that attendees can better personalize their AnsibleFest experience. We sat down with Track Lead Dylan Silva to find out more about the Infrastructure Automation Track and sessions within the track.  


Who is this track best for? 

This track is best for sysadmins that are looking for information related to general infrastructure automation with Ansible.


What topics will this track cover? 

Sessions in this track will cover bare-metal, server administration, and inventory management, among other related topics. There will be a session covering the automation of VMware infrastructure using REST APIs, how to use Ansible against your vSphere environment, how to use Ansible to pull approved firewall change requests from our change management system, and much more. 


What should attendees expect to learn from this track? 

Attendees should expect to learn best practices related to infrastructure management. This includes scaling Ansible for loT deployments, taking a closer look at Ansible modules for VMware, and other infrastructure management practices. 


Where would you expect to find attendees of this track to hangout online?

If attendees are looking to learn more or have questions after AnsibleFest, online communities like Stackoverflow, reddit, Twitter, github, and #ansible on freenode (irc). 


What workshop would you recommend that would compliment the sessions in this track?

Ansible for Red Hat Enterprise Linux Workshop is a great compliment to this track. However, workshops have limited space and fill up quickly, so make sure to register for AnsibleFest so you can sign up for workshops!




Elle Lathram

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