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August 21, 2019 by Elle Lathram


Now that the agenda for AnsibleFest is live, we wanted to take a closer look at each of the tracks that we will offer. Soon you will be able to start building out your schedule for AnsibleFest, so we want to help you figure out what tracks and sessions will be best for you! We talked with Track Lead Andrius Benokraitis to learn more about the Network Automation track and the sessions within it. 


Who is this track best for? 

This track is best for Network Operators, Network Engineers, Cloud Operators, and DevOps Engineers. It is great for people who are looking to learn more about automating the configuration, management and operations of a computer network.


What topics will this track cover? 

This track will cover topics that include operational application of Red Hat Ansible Automation for network use cases, including devices such as: switches, routers, load balancers, firewalls. We will also be discussing different point of views: Developer of modules vs. User and implementer of modules and roles. There will also be a discussion around how enterprises are using Ansible Automation as a platform for large scale network deployments.


What should attendees expect to learn from this track? 

Attendees should expect to learn how to manage network devices with Ansible Tower, how to develop modules, roles and collections for end users, and understand how Ansible Network modules are developed, tested, and released for production use.


Where would you expect to find attendees of this track to hangout online?

If attendees are looking to learn more or have questions after AnsibleFest, online communities like the Ansible Network IRC channel on Freenode, Network To Code Slack, Ansible Network Slack, and Vendor-specific open source or Ansible hangouts are great resources. 


What workshop would you recommend that would compliment the sessions in this track?

The Ansible Network Automation Workshop or Ansible F5 Automation Workshop are great compliments to this track. However, workshops have limited space and fill up quickly, so make sure to register for AnsibleFest so you can sign up for workshops!



Elle Lathram

Ansible Automation - Marketing And Automation Marketing Coordinator

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