AnsibleFest Atlanta - Tech Deep Dives

September 12, 2019 by Elle Lathram



Only one more week until AnsibleFest 2019 comes to Atlanta! We talked with Track Lead Sean Cavanaugh to learn more about the Technical Deep Dives track and the sessions within it. 


Who is this track best for? 


You've written playbooks. You've automated deployments. But you want to go deeper - learn new ways you could use Ansible you haven't thought of before. Extend Ansible for new functionality. Dig deep into new use cases. Then Tech Deep Dives is for you. This track is best suited for someone with existing Ansible knowledge and experience that already knows the nomenclature. It is best for engineers who want to learn how to take their automation journey to the next level. This track includes multiple talks from Ansible Automation developers, and it is your chance to ask them direct questions or provide feedback.  


What topics will this track cover? 


This track is about automation proficiency. Talks range from development and testing of modules and content to building and operationalizing automation to scale for your enterprise.  Think about best practices, but then use those takeaways to leverage automation for your entire organization.  

What should attendees expect to learn from this track? 


In this track attendees will learn how to scale automation, tips and tricks and hear about the future of Red Hat Ansible Tower. Attendees will also learn how to test modules with ansible-test and molecule. In addition there are talks on how to build Ansible Collections, how to write a security integration module and using privilege escalation for Windows automation. This track is jam-packed full of technical content that will lead to awesome conversations.


Where would you expect to find attendees to this track to hangout online?Attendees can be found in a variety of locations, check out our community page here: Since scalability goes hand in hand with Red Hat Ansible Tower we highly recommend checking out the AWX community here:




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