Walter Bentley

Walter Bentley is the Director of Community Strategy for Red Hat Ansible Automation. Moving into this role, Walter was able to return to his roots where he started his Ansible journey back in 2014. He has the privilege of representing the Ansible community on a leadership level within Red Hat. Walter spends his time helping to fulfill the community’s needs and create opportunities to support their overall success. His passion is to evangelize the energy and connecting power of automation by encouraging everyone using Ansible to feel included within the community. Walter has more than 20 years of experience in many areas including online marketing, financial services, insurance, aviation, education, technology, and the food industry. He loves presenting and speaking regularly at conferences like Red Hat Summit, AnsibleFest, and participating in webinars, blog posts, and technical reviews. His first book, OpenStack Administration with Ansible, was released in 2016. Today he’s an automation advocate and cloud educator. He presents and speaks regularly at AnsibleFest, OpenStack Summits and other technology conferences, plus webinars, blog posts and technical reviews. His first book, ‘OpenStack Administration with Ansible’ was released in 2016.

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