Business Solutions at AnsibleFest

September 20, 2018 by Mark Phillips


I’ve always enjoyed listening to how customers are solving their business challenges using Red Hat Ansible Automation. From the simple to the uniquely creative solutions, they’re always fun to hear. So every time AnsibleFest comes around, I get especially excited knowing that I’ll have the chance to hear far more than one or two stories.

This year’s AnsibleFest in Austin is expected to be the biggest ever. To cater for the many different interests of attendees, we’ve created six specific tracks with curated content sure to interest. I’ve managed to “bag” the Business Solutions track, which will contain ten talks in total.

Sifting through the hundreds of submissions (the job gets harder every year!) I’ve picked out three talks which I’m really looking forward to listening to.

1. Upgrading the backend database of a £3 billion business website on a Friday afternoon

However that panned out, it’s sure to be a great story! I’m grabbing some popcorn for this one :)

2. Using Ansible to Satisfy Compliance Controls

Security automation is a big topic these days, and the security community has come to realise the power in Ansible to help them get things done. I’ve lost count of the number of times customers have asked about compliance automation. The added bonus with this talk? The speaker used to work for NASA …

3. Planning for Ansible in the Enterprise: The Field Guide

Scaling technology isn’t just about numbers – reach across any organisation involves people too. I’ve not seen this talk, I don’t know the content, but given the speakers are Red Hatters who see many large scale customers, I’m really looking forward to hearing their hard earned experience.

With these, plus seven more talks in this track alone, and five other tracks I’m confident you’ll enjoy the day as much as I will. So don’t forget to register, and come say hello!




Mark Phillips

Mark Phillips is a UK-based Product Manager. With almost a quarter of a century of industry experience, he has designed and engineered automated infrastructures at every level - from a handful of hosts in startups, to the tens of thousands in investment banks. You can follow him on twitter at @thismarkp.

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