Culture at AnsibleFest 2020

October 8, 2020 by Robyn Bergeron

At Red Hat, we’ve long recognized that the power of collaboration enables communities to achieve more together than individuals can accomplish on their own. Developing an organizational culture that empowers communities to flourish and collaborate -- whether in an open source community or for an internal community of practice -- isn’t always straightforward. This year at AnsibleFest, the Culture topic aims to demystify some of these areas by sharing the stories, practices, and examples that can get you on your path to better collaboration. 


Culture at AnsibleFest: “Open” for participation

Because we recognize that culture is not a “one size fits all” topic, we’ve made sure to sprinkle nearly every track at AnsibleFest with relevant content to help every type of Ansible user (or manager of Ansible users!) participate in developing healthy cultures and communities of automation inside their organizations. 

Whether you’re interested in contributing to open source communities, learning how others have grown the use of Ansible inside their departments or organizations, or if you’re simply interested in building healthy, diverse, inclusive communities, inside or outside the workplace -- the Culture (cross) Channel at AnsibleFest has you covered. 


Be a Cultural Catalyst for Automation

We’re looking forward to seeing you at AnsibleFest and discussing the practices and lessons that have contributed to improving cultures of automation around the world, shared directly from organizations and open source communities using Ansible. We hope they will inspire you and your colleagues to catalyze the change you’d love to see in your own organizations and workplaces.

Here are a few of the sessions you’ll see in various tracks at AnsibleFest that are culture-focused -- but be sure to check out the full AnsibleFest catalog for more sessions with a bit of that culture flavor. 

  • Making the business case for contributing to open source
  • Free their minds: Driving culture change and workplace transformation
  • How to introduce automation to your colleagues in IT security (and what’s in it for you)
  • Live Q&A: Applying open source principles to diversity and inclusion with Sam Knuth, Allie DeVolder, and Koren Townsend
  • Demystifying contributor culture: IRC, mailing lists, and netiquette for the 21st century

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Robyn Bergeron

Robyn Bergeron is the Community Architect for Ansible at Red Hat, building community bridges and inspiring contributors to do great things. She’s been a sysadmin, program manager, business analyst, and developer advocate in past lives, and started her career in open source at Red Hat, where she was the Fedora Project Leader.


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