Deploy production grade automation technology at scale with Red Hat and F5

January 20, 2023 by George James


The complexity of enterprise networks is increasing with the widespread adoption of networks spanning on premises data centers and cloud.  To meet the challenge of this complexity, automation technology specifically designed for a NetOpps approach for Hybrid Cloud environments has been jointly developed by Red Hat and F5.  Its focus on security, scale, and speed are all goals inherent in a NetOpps strategy that allow teams to thrive in the increasingly complex world of enterprise networking.

Network teams also need to work well with groups across the IT stack while also taking advantage of the benefits of infrastructure as code.  When everyone speaks the same language and uses the same revision control tools to deploy and update their infrastructure, IT infrastructure is more reliable, secure, downtime is reduced, and organizations save money.

F5 and the Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform delivers the features and functionality needed for a NetOpps team - with a powerful automation platform designed for simplicity and inter team cooperation. You will learn how F5 and Red Hat assist network teams transitioning to a NetOps workflow, while reducing risk and increasing productivity.  From on-prem to the cloud, F5 and Red Hat can streamline your network deployments.

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George James

George James is a Senior Global Partner Solutions Architect at Red Hat. George has over 20 years of IT experience, with an emphasis on Network Automation and IT operations. He currently helps Red Hat software partners develop OpenShift and Ansible solutions.

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