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November 6, 2015 by Sam Wills


As you may already know, Ansible Tower 2.3.0's release offers a bundled installer for Red Hat Enterprise Linux and CentOS systems. This all-in-one installer contains everything you need to get Tower started in one bundle, including the bootstrapping of Ansible for you, if it is not already installed. If Ansible is already installed, ensure that it is the latest stable

In addition to other bug fixes and performance improvements, the documentation for the Tower 2.3.0 release also included a few updates.

The biggest update for the Tower Documentation Set hits the Tower API Guide

The REST API in Tower is browsable and simple to use, but you must be logged into your Tower instance to view the endpoints. Now, for the very first time, the Tower API endpoints have been included for easy review. 

For example, the Ping Endpoint, which is fairly simple as an example, includes the following information:


Another feature we are trying out for the Tower 2.3.0 Documentation Set is a new custom search.  At the bottom right of your browser screen, a new "search this site" button appears that scrolls the page with you. The custom search allows you to search across all Tower Documentation Guides, helping you find the information you need quickly and offering predictive searches for even easier access. 

We plan to make good use of the analytics we collect as you review the docs and seek out the information and bits you need the most. This new custom search also allows for frequent indexing of the Tower Docs website, ensuring that our search engine stays up to date with new releases.

You are encouraged to explore the documentation and use the new search tool as much as possible. Based on the analytics and feedback we collect, we will continue improving and expanding the documentation with your needs in mind. For example, better Windows setup instructions for Tower is a known need we are working to improve for future releases.

Just as a reminder, the Tower documentation set consists of two quick start guides and four guides covering more advanced topics.

And we always recommend checking out the following documentation links when updating or installing a new version of Ansible Tower:


Ansible Tower, Docs


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