Enterprise companies welcoming Ansible IT Automation

October 9, 2014 by Said Ziouani


Exactly 18 months ago, Ansible, Inc. was founded with the premise of simplifying how IT automation was done over the past two decades while providing an agile way for developers and systems administrators to collaborate, and develop applications faster and more reliably.

Today, Ansible open source community is among the 10 fastest growing communities, commanding the #1 position on Github in IT automation, with a strong following worldwide and new contributors added every day. With user group meetups starting in a new city every week, from Sydney to Paris. And as of this past week, Ansible is among the top 100 most forked open source project in the world, ramping up our contributor count close to 1000, while creating a deep and wide ecosystem of application support from Docker to ElasticSearch and NewRelic.

A factor that has played an important role in the rapid Enterprise adoption, current customers such as Apple, Juniper, Grainger, WeightWatchers, SaveMart and NASA are a validation of such adoption. In fact, wide range of adoption proves that indeed, if your data center has more than 100 machines, Ansible can help you, no matter what segment in the industry you belong to. With Enterprise features such as LDAP, Authorization and Authentication, and soon High availability, these enterprise companies are finding all the features they needed already in Ansible, making the adoption in production, at scale, a minimum risk adoption.

In fact, we’ve recently seen faster trend in adoption within the Federal space, with recent NASA case study and the numerous security articles among some of which you can find here, it has become clear that Ansible, with its agentless model, now plays a bigger role within the security sensitive market space. OpenSSH, being the transport layer of choice, when it comes to security, Ansible inherits those properties by default instead of having to depend on new and potentially untested crypto.

Having established such vast footprint with our open source reach, a strong ecosystem of supported applications and solid on-ramp into the Enterprise, the company is now exploring ways to take Ansible to new frontiers. The ability to work with our partners and create more values for our users and customers. Understanding that tools like Bladelogic and OpsWare are still out there with unfavorable lockin and steep pricing, and seeing that some of our Enterprise customers are looking for alternative, Ansible team is hard at work in making that transition simple and seamless. A recent displacement within a Fortune 500 proved this transition is indeed possible and the cost saving was astronomical.



Said Ziouani

Co-Founder & CEO
Saïd has over 20 years of experience in leadership, sales and engineering. He spent over 10 years at Red Hat, where he managed a global accounts team accountable for over $100M in annual revenue. Saïd holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and a Masters degree in Information Systems from Northeastern University.

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