Galaxy 2.0.1 Release

February 29, 2016 by Chris Houseknecht


Today we are pleased to announce the release of Galaxy 2.0.1. In this release we fixed a few nagging bugs, improved the UI on the My Roles page, and took steps to make the role import process more reliable.

Here’s a rundown of the issues addressed in this release:

130 - Plural for ‘minutes ago’ is currently ‘minutess ago’

129 - When Travis notifies on a new tag, tag is not imported into Galaxy

126 - Search - make keyword search less fuzzy

123 - Edit role name changes shouldn’t result in broken links

122 - Edit role name changes should be reflected on import roles page

119 - Search on Browse Authors results in 500 error

117 - Duplication in roles list

115 - An error occurred while saving the role: value too long for type character varying(256)

114 - Link to Travis-CI not loading

113 - Move user repository refresh task to separate queue

109 - Role listed multiple (2) times

107 - My Roles not displaying all roles

105 - Users have to refresh browser cache to get new CSS

104 - Galaxy site footer is not consistent

103 - When is missing a cryptic message is displayed

101 - Every page except About loads blank in the web interface

100 - Content organization and Google indexing

As always, we’re working hard to improve Galaxy, and we want to hear from you. If you find a bug or have an idea, please let us know at Galaxy Issues.


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Chris Houseknecht

Chris is the Principal Engineer, Ansible, Red Hat. Starting as employee number five, Chris keeps watch over Ansible Docker modules, maintains Ansible Galaxy and is the lead Engineer for Ansible Container. When he’s not working he spends his time cooking, walking his dogs or outside on his mountain bike or motorcycle. He can be found on twitter at @chouseknecht.

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