Getting Started: Visit Us at AnsibleFest!

September 6, 2018 by Bianca Henderson


Hello, and welcome to another Getting Started blog post… though this one is a bit different. I’d like to tell you about AnsibleFest 2018 in Austin, TX, where for the first time there will be a dedicated Getting Started section at this annual event!

Participants who visit our area will be able to meet some members of the Getting Started team as well as attend presentations. The scheduled talks include Ansible Essentials (similar to the monthly webinars) and Writing Your First Playbook, based on our most popular blog post.

In addition to the two scheduled talks each day, there will also be a lounge area where attendees can ask questions and get answers from Ansible experts in person! Come stop by to learn about what makes Ansible different, how it works, and get a quick overview of Ansible Tower. No experience is required, which means this is going to be a great chance for you or perhaps a teammate who is new to Ansible to learn about it from the ground up.

Make sure to register soon so that we can see you in Austin this October!




Bianca Henderson

Bianca is a Partner Engineer for Red Hat Ansible Automation, and teaches the monthly Ansible Essentials webinar. When she's not automating things, you can find her making art, playing guitar, or reading about machine learning and AI. You can find Bianca on LinkedIn and Twitter as @bizonks.

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