Happy Automating to All!

December 18, 2017 by Ryan Petrello


We're pretty busy working on features and updates during the year, but we wanted to have a little fun with playbooks again this holiday season. Last year we created the festive playbook and this year we're celebratating with "naughty or nice" cow-back output plugins. If your playbook completes successfully you'll be greeted by this friendly holiday cow...

But if your playbook fails...it just might get a visit from Krampus!

The "nice" plugin can be found here and the "naughty" plugin can be found here. Special thanks to our Senior Engineering Manager James Laska for the "nice" callback plugin!

We wish you many successful playbooks this season and happy automating to all! 

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Ryan Petrello

Ryan is a Principal Tower Engineer at Ansible, Red Hat

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