Ansible Is 5 Years Old Today!

February 23, 2017 by James Cammarata

Ansible birthday

Five years ago today, Michael DeHaan created this commit:

commit f31421576b00f0b167cdbe61217c31c21a41ac02
Author: Michael DeHaan
Date:   Thu Feb 23 14:17:24 2012 -0500


When you create something you intend to release as open-source software, you never know if it will be something others are actually interested in using (much less contributing to).

Michael invited me to join Ansible when it was just over a year old as a project, and I have seen it grow from an already wildly popular project into something used by people around the world. The thing that makes Ansible the strongest though, by far, is its community of users and contributors. So join us in wishing Happy Birthday by sharing how you innovate with Ansible!

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James Cammarata

James Cammarata is a Senior Principal Software Engineer, Ansible, Red Hat.

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