AnsibleFest 2021 Network Automation Track

AnsibleFest 2021 Network Automation Track

This year, we are adapting our signature automation event, AnsibleFest, into a free virtual experience to connect our communities with a wider audience and to collaborate to solve problems. Seasoned pros and new Ansible enthusiasts alike can find answers and learn more about Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform, the platform for building and operating automation at scale and creating an enterprise automation strategy. Have you already automated some type of server or infrastructure management? Use the network automation track to understand the benefits that come with automating network management the Ansible way. 

Let's take a closer look at this track for AnsibleFest 2021.

Network Automation at AnsibleFest

Gone are the days of hand-typing commands into network devices one by one, because you simply can't keep up. Manage your network infrastructure using Ansible Automation Platform throughout the entire development and production life cycle, and free time as a result to focus on your top priority network engineering challenges. This AnsibleFest track focuses on network automation topics for automation content developers as well as network and cloud engineers or operators

Attendees will learn how network automation can no longer be a point tool, but instead part of a holistic automation strategy that spans NetOps and even IT teams. You will hear about some key use cases in network automation, as well as a new builder experience that makes it easier to create great network automation so your team can move faster.  

You'll hear from our customers who will share their experiences, as well as our network partners who will explain how to automate their solutions using Ansible Automation Platform. We also suggest you take a look at the Telco track, which features additional customers and advanced topics like AIOps.  

Here are a few sessions that you can expect to see in the network automation track: 

  • Journey to Network Automation (great for getting started) by Sean Cavanaugh and Trishna Guha 
  • NetDevOps: The network developer automation experience by Brad Thornton and Michael Ford
  • From Lunch Hobby to Production Ready: The ANZ Bank NZ Network Automation Journey by Roxy Rice, Kyle Claudi, Tony Thistol and Joseph Tejal
  • Everything as code and GitOps with Ansible by customer Emile Zweep and Anton Nesterov of ODC-Noord, a government data center in the Netherlands
  • Ansible wrapper to schedule any workflow while using ServiceNow change management and MS Teams by Rick Walsh of US Bank
  • Use case sessions offered by our engineering team, as well as any of the network partner sessions 

And of course, check out the Telco track to find sessions by customers Cox Communications and Bell Canada. 

We can't wait for AnsibleFest 2021 to kick off and hope to see you there, virtually!