IT Leader Channel at AnsibleFest 2020

October 8, 2020 by Anna Noftle

Whether you have automated different domains within your business or are just getting started, creating a roadmap to automation that can be passed between teams and understood at different levels is critical to any automation strategy. 

We’ve brought back the IT Decision Maker track at AnsibleFest this year after its debut in 2019, featuring sessions that help uplevel the conversation about automation, create consensus between teams and get automation goals accomplished faster. 


What you can expect

There are a variety of sessions in the IT Decision Maker track. A few are focused on specific customer use cases of how they adopted and implemented Ansible. These tracks are great companions to our customer keynotes, including those from CarMax and PRA Health Sciences, that will dive into their Ansible implementation at a technical level. This track aims to cover the many constituents of automation within a business and how to bring  the right type of teams together to extend your automation to these stakeholders. 

Newcomers to AnsibleFest will get a lot out of this track, as many of the sessions are aimed at those with a beginner’s level knowledge of Ansible Automation Platform and its hosted services. Those looking to get started with automation in the hybrid cloud will also get a lot out of this track, as it covers the variety of technology platforms that Ansible can automate - including those from Red Hat partners.


What you will learn

The target audience includes team leads who are actively building or growing their cross-functional automation teams. Many of the sessions in this track focus on automation culture and bringing together diverse point of views; we’re featuring a special session on creating consensus between automation decision makers and implementers. We also have a live Q&A session that will highlight the press announcements made on day one of AnsibleFest - you won’t want to miss it!

This track is focused on automation patterns and trends seen in production customers using Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform, along with interactive Q&A sessions that will dive into AnsibleFest technology announcements. 


What next?

There is still time to register for AnsibleFest (it's free!) If you are interested in learning what other content will be available at AnsibleFest this year, take a look at the session catalog.




Anna Noftle

Product Marketing Manager

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