Network Automation at AnsibleFest 2020

September 2, 2020 by Andrius Benokraitis

This year, we are adapting our signature automation event, AnsibleFest, into a free virtual experience to connect our communities with a wider audience and to collaborate to solve problems. Seasoned pros and brand new Ansiblings alike can find answers and guidance for Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform, the enterprise solution for building and operating automation at scale. We’re giving our attendees an inside peek into exactly what to expect from each channel. Let’s take a closer look at what is to come from the network channel at AnsibleFest 2020.


Network Automation at AnsibleFest

Gone are the days of hand-typing commands into network devices one by one. Manage your network infrastructure using Ansible throughout the entire development and production life cycle. This AnsibleFest channel focuses on network automation topics for module and Collection developers to playbook writers, and is geared towards network and cloud engineers/operators. The channel has a good mix of community, customers, partners and Red Hatters that aims to provide something for everyone.

Attendees will learn how network automation can no longer be a “point tool”, but instead part of a holistic automation strategy that spans IT teams. Although Ansible was built as a DIY tool, it needs to be a focal point of the IT infrastructure in order for automation to be successful. .

Attendees can expect a little bit of everything from this channel because “network automation” isn’t just automating switches and routers anymore. It now also means automating cloud networking, understanding how inventory and IPAM factor into automation, all the way to automating multi-vendor multi-team environments at scale.

The move to Ansible Content Collections is now in full swing, and multiple sessions detail how to develop, build, publish and use network resource modules as part of Collections. Here are a few sessions that you can expect to see in the network channel: 

  • “Getting Started with Network Resource Modules” by Gomathi Selvi Srinivasan, Red Hat
  • “Automating IPAM in Cloud: Ansible + Netbox” by William Collins, Humana
  • “Automate Your Network: Introducing the Modern Approach to Enterprise Network Management” by John Capobianco, Canadian House of Common


What's Next?

  • Register today for the AnsibleFest 2020 virtual experience
  • Check out the session catalog to see what sessions to expect at the event

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Andrius Benokraitis

Andrius is a Senior Manager, Technical Marketing for Ansible Automation Platform. He brings over 20 years in the computer software industry from companies such as IBM, Nortel, and Cumulus Networks. Andrius is skilled in Network Automation, Enterprise Linux, Business Analytics, Technical Writing, and Strategic Alliances.

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