Ansible Collaboration Day at OpenStack Summit

May 11, 2015 by Greg DeKoenigsberg


OpenStack has long had a reputation for being difficult to install and manage. This reputation may be a bit overblown, but it's not entirely unwarranted.

The plain truth is that OpenStack has a lot of components, all of which must be working in concert to be successful. A simple misconfiguration in one component can lead to cascading failures throughout the system, which can then be difficult to diagnose and correct.

It's one of the essential problems of managing any distributed system: one must effectively manage both individual components (i.e. configuration) and the relationships between those components (i.e. orchestration).

Ansible is a simple tool that excels at both -- which helps to explain Ansible's surging popularity in the OpenStack ecosystem. Over the past year, several OpenStack projects have emerged to take full advantage of Ansible's power and simplicity.

We've been watching with great interest. Now we think it's time to get more directly involved.

On Monday, May 18th, we will hold an Ansible Collaboration Day at the OpenStack Summit. Our collective goal is simple and ambitious: to make the installation and management of OpenStack as simple as we can possibly make it.

The first part of the day will be devoted to installation-based projects. We will start with the os-ansible-deployment project, which will be facilitated by Kevin Carter of Rackspace. After that, we will spend some time discussing the Kolla project (, which will be facilitated by Steven Dake of Cisco.

The second part of the day will be spent discussing the various OpenStack modules within Ansible itself. This session will be facilitated by Monty Taylor of HP, who developed many of the Ansible OpenStack modules.

We will close the day with an open discussion on ways that practitioners are incorporating Ansible into their own projects, and we encourage anyone using Ansible to participate.

I think that these sessions will be critical for anyone who depends upon Ansible for their own OpenStack work. I’m looking forward to seeing a lot of old colleagues and meeting some new ones.

If you plan to attend, go directly to the site and sign up. See you in Vancouver!

Join the conversation: #SimpleOpenStack




Greg DeKoenigsberg

Greg DeKoenigsberg Greg is the Director of Ansible Community with Red Hat, where he leads the project's relationship with the broader open source community. Greg has over a decade of open source advocacy and community leadership with projects like Fedora and One Laptop Per Child, and on the executive teams of Red Hat Ansible and of open source cloud pioneers Eucalyptus Systems. Greg lives in Durham NC and is on twitter at @gregdek.

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