Announcing the Speaker LIneup For AnsibleFest San Francisco

October 13, 2015 by Bill Nottingham

Featuring speakers from SparkCentral, Riot Games, Blue Box, and more!

We’re happy to announce our confirmed speakers for AnsibleFest San Francisco 2015. Join us on November 19th at the InterContinental San Francisco for a day-long conference bringing together Ansible users, developers, IT professionals, and industry partners to learn more about ways automation is transforming IT.

We had a record number of submissions for this conference, and were excited to have such a dynamic pool of submissions to pick from. We took each submission, anonymized them to remove any speaker/company/product information, and sent them off to our team of Top Men and Women for blind review. We then picked out a well-rounded agenda from the highest scoring talks, and we’re happy to announce them today.

These are just some of our speakers this year. Stay tuned for additional updates in the coming weeks.


Deploying Microservices

Stephen Brandon, DevOps Engineer, Sparkcentral

A step back from massive monoliths and colossal clusters, we’ll take a look at managing microservices with Ansible. In this session, Stephen will demonstrate deploying services with rollback and error handling, truncating releases, and restarting processes.


  • A simple set of playbooks to deploy services
  • Keep permissions and processes under control
  • Tag AWS instances to cut down on repeating tasks
  • Automatically handle env params within Ansible

Building Cyber Exercise Environments

Matt Kaar, Lead Cyber Exercise Developer, Carnegie Mellon University/Software Engineering Institute

With cyber security incidents on the rise, large organizations are turning to exercises to help prepare for the next IT intrusion. Practicing against threats inside an isolated, simulated IT environment is vital to improving team readiness. Using Ansible and other DevOps tools, The Software Engineering Institute (SEI) at Carnegie Mellon University is significantly reducing the time needed to build training environments with thousands of hosts for high-profile events. This talk will provide details for this new build methodology and the bumps experienced along the way.


  • Best practices for constructing virtual training environments through modern DevOps techniques
  • The pitfalls of relying on virtual machine cloning instead of building systems and services from scratch
  • How Ansible’s agentless approach is an ideal match for cyber training environments where extra agent processes force exercise systems to deviate from their real-world counterparts

Lessons Automating the Deployment of a Major Fashion eCommerce Website

Oscar Gonzalez, Principal Software Engineer, Sawyer Effect

Going from a manual deployment to a fully automated deployment is never easy, there many hurdles and painful lessons awaiting. But it is also a process that will change your culture and improve your life greatly. We want to talk about the process of simplifying a major fashion ecommerce website and its deployment, how we went from a manual process to an ansible fully automated deployment  and how that impacted the organization for good.


  • The benefits of using Ansible during the whole development cycle
  • How using Ansible will change your processes and culture
  • Lessons on how Ansible will affect your organization and staff, both good and challenging

Deploying Underlay and Production Networks

Adam Mills, Network Engineer, Riot Games, Inc.

This session will focus on how Riot Games utilizes Ansible to deploy, via console server, a full network infrastructure stack. Config templates include editing a perl script manually and discovering Ansible and Juniper’s Py-EZ.


  • How to break a data center into manageable repeatable pieces
  • How to define a Juniper data center in Jinja
  • How to deploy a Juniper data center over Telnet

Ansible @Webengage

Vishal Uderani, Lead DevOps Engineer, WebEngage

Attend this session to learn how Ansible changed the way we did code deployments and increased developer productivity and reduced downtimes.


  • How to write a modular playbooks/roles that spans across multiple platforms/technologies
  • Follow the rule of KISS (yes it works!)
  • Why Ansible should be the tool of choice for teams that do multiple deployments per day
  • How leveraging Ansible reduces downtimes, increases developer productivity and is simple to learn and use (yaml)
  • Why business leaders should start looking for folks skilled in Ansible


The New Era of OpenStack Modules in Ansible

Jesse Keating, Senior Software Engineer, Blue Box (an IBM Company)

OpenStack and Ansible have done some growing up together. When Ansible first launched, there were a few simple modules. Now there is a new era of modules to interact with OpenStack clouds of many providers, by way of common modules with common inputs and functionality. Join Jesse for a tour through the modules already in the pipeline for 2.0 and others waiting in the wings!


  • A history of OpenStack modules in Ansible
  • New OpenStack modules
  • How to add more OpenStack functionality

For more information and to register, see AnsibleFest San Francisco. Stay tuned for additional speaker announcements. 


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