Speaker Lineup for AnsibleFest London

January 28, 2016 by Carrie Drummond

Featuring speakers from Industrial Light and Magic, Atlassian, Cisco and more! 

We're happy to share our speaker lineup for AnsibleFest London on Thursday, February 18th at InterContinental London - The O2. Our one-day user conference brings together hundreds of Ansible users, developers and industry partners to share best-practices, case studies and Ansible news.

With yet another record setting amount of submissions, our engineering team had their work cut out for them. We took each submission, anonymized them to remove any speaker/company/product information, and sent them off to our team of engineers for blind review. We then picked out a well-rounded agenda from the highest scoring talks. 

Stay tuned for additional speakers announcements leading up to the event.

Deploying a Mesos Based Visual Effects Studio with Ansible

Aaron Carey, Production Engineer, Industrial Light and Magic
Jim Vanns, Senior Production Engineer, Industrial Light and Magic 

Industrial Light and Magic is leveraging Ansible to deploy a Mesos cluster from scratch on multiple cloud platforms, build its application docker images and deploy them as services. This presentation will look at how ILM is using tags to manage services dynamically, and the steps taken to make it work across different cloud providers.


  • Using Ansible to deploy Mesos

  • Running services on Mesos using Ansible

  • Differences in GCE and AWS environments and how to manage them

  • Tagging tagging and more tagging

Ansible 2.0, Windows (and no powershell this year I promise)

Jon Hawkesworth, Software Engineer, M*Modal Ltd

This session will cover what's new in Ansible 2.0 regarding Windows support, including domain user support, speed imrpovements, new Windows-specific filters and more! 

Jon will also discuss what worked for him based on his experience of automating the provisioning and deployment of an enterprise Windows system consisting of 300 software artifacts, and migrating away from Windows Server 2003. 


  • What you can now do with Windows support in Ansible 2.0

  • Tips for working with Windows Server 2012 R2

  • Roles and tasks to help with migration from Windows Server 2003


Continuous Deployment for a Billion Dollar Order System

Steve Smith, Developer Advocate, Atlassian

Continuous deployment is causing organizations to rethink how they build and release software. Atlassian is adopting this model throughout the company, but not all teams have the same challenges to overcome in doing so. Steve Smith lead the team that converted the company's critical order-processing system from a monolithic, single-server application to a continuously-deployed, high-availability platform. Along the way there were a lot of practical and organizational issues that needed to be addressed in adopting this development model; in this presentation he shares some of the experiences and lessons of doing so. This talk covers continuous deployment from a number of different angles; high-availability requirements, development processes (in particular git-based branching workflow), practical delivery technologies (including analysis of the trade-offs), and organisational considerations and bottlenecks (e.g. SOX/PCI compliance issues).


  • The background to why you may adopt CD

  • The bottlenecks and trade-offs you have to take into account

  • Development workflows to support CD

  • The technologies and practicalities of actually performing CD in the real world


Ansible to accelerate deployment at Société Générale

Fabrice Bernhard, CTO, Theodo

In 2013 Bruno Delas, then CIO of the Business Solutions Center at Société Générale, decided to launch the Fast-IT initiative. The idea: create a team with a web/mobile culture by partnering with a startup. The goal: deliver ideas to production in less than two months. This is the story of the long journey to reach this goal and the key role of Ansible at the heart of the necessary DevOps transformation.


  • Challenges to bring agile startup and DevOps culture to a large organisation

  • The clash between legitimate security constraints of a large bank and the startup culture

  • How Ansible is great as a way to make devs and ops talk together

  • How Ansible Tower nicely solves many of the large organisation's security constraints


Immutable infrastructure at scale with Ansible

Vik Bhatti, Senior Platform Engineer, Beamly

In the good old days it was common practice to handcraft a server, then constantly manage it, applying updates and keeping close eye on it during its lifecycle. But in a highly dynamic cloud environment, change is constant, making this approach more difficult to maintain.

In this talk Vik will share how the Beamly infrastructure on AWS has evolved from artisanal servers over the past two to three years. Plus, he’ll explain how the platform team was able to improve tooling to match growth and sustain rapid scalability and agility through a succession of business pivots.


  • Why you should embrace an immutable infrastructure

  • How to use Ansible and Packer to build

  • How to integrate Ansible with continuous delivery pipelines


Managing Your Cisco Datacenter Network with Ansible

Fabrizio Maccioni, Technical Marketing Engineer, Cisco

As IT organizations adopt the cloud strategy to build agile data centers, they realize the need to move fast and drive higher levels of innovation. One of the key components is automation for reliable provisioning and management of the datacenter network. In this session Fabrizio will discuss how Ansible can be leveraged to manage your Cisco datacenter network.


  • New features introduced in Ansible 2.0

  • How to start playing with Ansible on your Cisco Nexus devices

  • Joint RedHat/Ansible/Cisco initiatives


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Carrie Drummond

Carrie is the former Marketing Coordinator for Ansible. She can be found on twitter at @carriedrummond.

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