Telco Mini Channel at AnsibleFest 2020

September 8, 2020 by Andrius Benokraitis

As we adapt AnsibleFest into a free virtual experience this year, we wanted to share with our automation lovers what to expect. Seasoned pros and brand new Ansiblings alike can find answers and guidance for Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform, the enterprise solution for building and operating automation at scale. We are giving our attendees an inside peek of exactly what to expect from each channel. Let’s take a closer look at what is to come from the network-telco mini channel at AnsibleFest 2020.


Network-Telco Automation at AnsibleFest

Telecommunication service providers have extremely critical and complex workflows that require specialized attention for automation. The network is no longer isolated to the data center, but extends to the enterprise and now the edge, each that have specific requirements. 

This is the first time Telco as an industry or use case has been specifically highlighted as part of its own channel at AnsibleFest. Data center automation has long been a use case for Ansible automation, but as Telco workloads are moving to the edge, so does the need to automate the enterprise, branch-office and entry points for end-users. 

Attendees can expect to hear about targeted use cases for Telecommunications customers, partners, and vendors. Topics include closed loop network automation, data modeling recommendations and NFV container management. Track participants will learn how Ansible is leveraged in Telecommunications/Service Provider networks, from the datacenter to containerized NFV to 5G radios.

Here are a few talks that you can expect to see in the network-telco mini channel:

  • Automation with Ansible: A New Dimension to Network Engineering” by Dekia Black, Cox Communications
  • “5G Network Orchestration and Management with Ansible Automation” by Tony O’Brien, IBM
  • “Greenfield and Brownfield Closed Loop Automation for Service Providers” by Randy Levensalor, CableLabs


What's Next?

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Andrius Benokraitis

Andrius is a Senior Manager, Technical Marketing for Ansible Automation Platform. He brings over 20 years in the computer software industry from companies such as IBM, Nortel, and Cumulus Networks. Andrius is skilled in Network Automation, Enterprise Linux, Business Analytics, Technical Writing, and Strategic Alliances.

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