The Wait is Over. Tower 2.2 Docs are Live.

July 24, 2015 by Sam Wills

While prior versions of the Ansible Tower documentation focused on a single PDF, we've gone in a different direction for this release. 

You will still have all of the great content available from earlier releases, but in a documentation set comprised of guides focused on getting you going, installation and reference, administration, and more. I have to say that all of the outstanding documentation that was created for prior versions gave me a strong foundation to work with for this release and I'm grateful for the hard work put in before I joined the Ansible team.

With Ansible Tower 2.2, we are ensuring that access to HTML as well as PDF versions of the Tower documents are easily available from the docs website. Our Ansible Tower HTML documents also look and feel more similar to the Ansible  documentation available online that you've come to know and love. And, they've been indexed to help you find the information you need as quickly as possible.


First, we're introducing Ansible Tower to new users with our Quick Installation and Quick Setup Guides. These manuals are geared toward getting Ansible Tower installed and setup to the point of running a simple playbook. They are quick walk-thus, covering just the basics, but are detailed enough to ensure your success.

Secondly, we're producing an Installation and Reference Guide, an Administration Guide, and a User Guide.

  • The Installation and Reference Guide dives deeper to cover more advanced topics, including installation arguments, platform specific information, detailed requirements, and upgrades.

  • The Administration Guide discusses scripts, management jobs, HA setups, logfiles, proxy support, backups and restorations, and more.

  • The User Guide discusses all of the functionality available in Ansible Tower, including Ansible Tower Galaxy integration, system tracking, system scan jobs, ad hoc commands, best practices, and role-based access controls.


And last, but certainly not least, we're planning to expand upon the API content in previous versions to create a more thorough guide with quick start examples, detailed references of the functionality, tutorials, etc.   It'll take a short while to make all of this happen, so we appreciate your patience as we strive to make it your go-to Ansible Tower API reference document.

We've tackled a lot of work in a fairly short amount of time, so be sure to let us know if you find a bug (or if you are happy with the docs, we'd love to know that, too). We want our documentation to be the best it can be and we will continue to improve upon it with every release.

So, what are you waiting for? Go check out the docs!

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Ansible Tower Docs Home: 


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Sam Wills

Sandra A Wills (aka Sam & docschick) is the chief technical word wrangler (technical writer) at Red Hat Ansible. After learning the art of great documentation and creating many installation manuals at Red Hat, Inc., Sandra went on to become a freelance editor, contract technical writer, and board member of her local arts council. She can be found on twitter at @unc_docschick and on Instagram at @docschick, otherwise you'll find her spending time with her family, crazy dogs, or making kiln-formed fused glass creations.

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