Tower 2.3 Has Arrived

September 23, 2015 by Bill Nottingham


We’re happy to announce the release of Ansible Tower 2.3, our console and service that brings control, security, and delegation to your Ansible deployments.

Historically Tower has been installed with a simple setup playbook that you run with the Ansible you already have to download and install Tower. But not everyone has the luxury of access to the internet at all times.

Starting with Tower 2.3, we now offer a bundled installer for Red Hat Enterprise Linux and CentOS systems. This all-in-one installer contains everything you need to get Tower started in one bundle, including bootstrapping of Ansible for you as needed. All you need is a Red Hat or CentOS machine with access to the vendor OS repositories - no other external access required. The playbook installer is still available as well, and Tower is also still available via Vagrant image or AMI if you’d prefer to try it via that method.

As usual, this release of Tower includes a variety of bug fixes as well, including performance improvements around listing jobs and job templates.

For more information on Tower 2.3, check the release notes at:

To try Ansible Tower 2.3 out for free, go to



Ansible Tower


Bill Nottingham

Bill Nottingham is a Product Manager, Ansible, Red Hat. After 15+ years building and architecting Red Hat’s Linux products he joined Ansible ... which then became part of Red Hat a year and a half later. His days are spent chatting with users and customers about Ansible and Red Hat Ansible Tower. He can be found on Twitter at @bill_nottingham, and occasionally doing a very poor impersonation of a soccer player.


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