8 Use Cases for Modernizing and Automating Workflows

October 9, 2017 by Branden Pleines

Use Cases for Modernizing and Automating

Managing an organization’s many tools and business processes is becoming increasingly complicated as technology expands. Whether your teams are performing their weekly system reboot, or looking to configure instances to a desired state, it’s no secret that automation is critical to increase speed, efficiency, productivity, and accuracy. Listed below are several instances1 where automation can help across your enterprise.

  • Weekly system reboot: There’s nothing worse than doing the same thing for 8 hours a day! Eliminate repetitive, manual processes with automation.
  • Enforce security guidelines: Rules are rules. It’s best to automate in an effort to achieve strict security standards.
  • Monitor configuration drift: Use check mode with Ansible tasks to enforce desired settings and see if your configuration has drifted.
  • Disaster recovery: Disaster recovery can involve a wide range of components. Act across different variables of the technology stack to identify problems and eliminate cross team dependencies.
  • Command blaster: Remarkably easy to write, you can run commands across your environment for any number of servers.
  • Database binary patching: Several databases use outdated binary sets. Patch the binaries in accordance with the release of the latest patch.
  • Instance provisioning: Use modules for several cloud providers to create new instances and tailor their configuration.
  • Service license agreements: Mistakes cost time and money. Eliminate errors that can crop up in detailed software contracts.

Want to learn more about how you can use Ansible to modernize and automate workflows? Join me on October 17th for my webinar, or watch it on demand.

1Ideas sourced from: https://www.ansible.com/blog/orchestration-you-keep-using-that-word




Branden Pleines

Branden Pleines is a Senior Consultant in the Automation Practice with experience in Ansible, Satellite, and the Red Hat Business Process Automation Manager. His recent client work includes automating Azure Cloud Services and development of MongoDB dynamic inventory. Branden's Ansible Google Compute demo aired at Google Next 2018. Over the past couple months, Branden has been writing Ansible Roles to automate Infoblox Core Network Services on the side with his father. In his free time Branden enjoys basketball, live music, and life in the Bay Area.

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