What's New in Ansible Tower 3.1

April 3, 2017 by Rob Chappell

Ansible Tower by Red Hat

Ansible Tower 3.1 adds a variety of new features that make it easier than ever to share and scale IT automation. Tower now includes multi-Playbook workflows to streamline jobs, clustering to easily scale-out Tower instances, enhanced search and more.

For this post, we asked members of the Tower engineering team to highlight what’s new with the latest release and share what they're most excited about.

Engineered for the enterprise

Tim Cramer, Senior Director of Engineering, shares a quick overview of the Tower 3.1 enhancements designed to help teams harness the power of Ansible automation across servers, applications, environments and networks:


Scale-out clustering

Matt Jones, Principal Software Engineer, explains how scale-out clustering enables you to support a larger number of Tower jobs:


Multi-Playbook workflows

Chris Meyers, Senior Software Engineer, describes how Tower's new multi-Playbook workflows promote greater re-use of existing job templates and allow you to build a CI/CD testing workflow:


And more...

“One of the things we are most excited about in Ansible Tower 3.1 is localization. This is the first release of Tower that has been localized. Tower is now available in Japanese and French. We went through a lot of thought as to where we wanted to start our localization efforts. Japan is where we have the largest Ansible Meet Up, and France is where we launched our first Ansible Automates event. We are excited to bring this localized interface to our users and will be looking to add more languages in the future.”

Bill Nottingham, Product Manager


“With the new smart search enhancements in Tower 3.1, we wanted to provide the user with an simple and powerful way to search their data. Now when you go deep into a search, you can copy the URL and send that search to a colleague.”

Michael Abashian, Software Engineer



“The new log integration feature of Tower 3.1 gives customers the ability to push logs to external aggregators such as Splunk, allowing log analysis services. With this new feature, our customers can create their own sort of visualization and dashboards to fit their needs using the large amounts of data that Ansible Tower has access to.”

Alan Rominger, Software Engineer


Ansible Tower 3.1

Try the new Ansible Tower

Ansible Tower 3.1 is available today for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, CentOS 7, Ubuntu 14.04, and Ubuntu 16.04. Try the latest version of Tower now via local install, Vagrant image, or AMI.


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