Top Reasons To Attend AnsibleFest London 2017

May 7, 2017 by Mark Phillips

AnsibleFest London 2017

I remember the first AnsibleFest I attended – it was San Francisco 2014. I had been with Ansible for a week and had flown out to meet some of my new colleagues.

As a user of Ansible for the past year, I'd discovered how cheery and helpful the community was. "Newbies" dropping by the IRC channel on Freenode were always helped out, no matter how simple the question. The community spirit is something many people comment on when first using Ansible.

I remember meeting core engineer Brian Coca for the first time at that AnsibleFest too, also a recent joiner to the company. Brian was asked that morning if he'd give a talk, a request he calmly accepted as if he'd been asked to make a cup of tea. Top tip – never miss a talk given by Brian, you will learn something new!

Later, during the happy hour, I talked with lots of attendees, many just wanting to tell us how much they'd enjoyed the day. It was great to see the open source community feel extending to our full day conferences.

Two and half years later and I still see that community spirit day in, day out. Only now it's a much bigger community! AnsibleFests continue to attract hundreds of attendees and the quality of talk submissions goes up, year after year.

Here are just a few of the reasons why you should join us for AnsibleFest London on June 22:

  • We've got four feature tracks: Ansible Essentials, Solutions, Tech Deep Dives and Networking. Each track includes four talks selected from our largest Call for Speakers yet. Deciding which submissions to feature was a difficult job this year - we had over a hundred talks submitted! But I can say with confidence, the sixteen chosen are all fantastic stories which will keep you enthralled.

  • Put your Ansible questions to an Ansible engineer. During our Ask an Expert sessions you get one-on-one time with an Ansible engineer specialising in a variety of use cases and integrations. Our experts are there for you to ask specific questions about your own Ansible scenarios.

  • Hear users talk about how they're solving problems with Ansible. Listen to the British Army talk in detail about how they're using Ansible in their DevOps and Continuous Integration journey. Find out how one financial institution migrated a trading platform to the cloud. Hear how people have got started with Ansible, and learn from their experience. Listen to one of the world's largest network equipment vendors talk about network automation using Ansible.

  • Network with like minded people. As one of the largest annual gatherings of Ansible users globally, you're sure to enjoy the conversation over free drinks at the happy hour.


We look forward to you joining us for AnsibleFest London on June 22 at the InterContinental London - The O2. Register now to guarantee your seat for what's expected to be another sold out AnsibleFest.


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Mark Phillips

Mark Phillips is a UK-based Product Manager. With almost a quarter of a century of industry experience, he has designed and engineered automated infrastructures at every level - from a handful of hosts in startups, to the tens of thousands in investment banks. You can follow him on twitter at @thismarkp.

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