Why You Should Attend AnsibleFest

August 29, 2017 by Andrius Benokraitis


It’s that time again! The time when automators from all over converge at the official event for all things Ansible — AnsibleFest San Francisco! Fresh off the heels from a packed house at AnsibleFest London in June, AnsibleFest San Francisco is shaping up to be the biggest AnsibleFest ever. With about a week before showtime, now’s the best time to start planning a trip to the “City by the Bay” for a fantastic event before it sells out.

To give a better idea of what to expect (and how to convince your manager to go), I’ve provided the top five reasons to go to AnsibleFest in San Francisco:

1. Expanded agenda and a session on Key Topics and Trends with Jim Whitehurst Red Hat CEO

We’ve heard your feedback, and listened: now more breakout sessions! We have made an unprecedented increase in sessions, up from 16 to 25, from customers, partners and the community. All session have been posted to the AnsibleFest agenda so you can see the better-than-ever lineup we have created.

2. All Ansible, all the time

Of course, we realize that Red Hat Summit is the company’s flagship event (I’ve been to seven of them), but Summit only provides a bite of the entire Ansible enchilada. At AnsibleFest, you have the ability to talk one-on-one with every aspect of Ansible: from generic use cases to detailed “how-tos” from the engineers who create and maintain the products.

Not sure who to talk to or where to find them? There will be an “Ask an Expert” area that will have a sign-up sheet. When you arrive, make sure you sign-up for your own dedicated time to talk in depth to experts in IT automation with Tower, containers, networking, the Ansible Community as well as Red Hat Support.

3. Content for everyone

It’s one thing to learn from Red Hat and Ansible employees, but it’s another to learn from what other attendees are doing. Other attendees are often in similar situations, or have figured out many of the challenges they encounter on their automation journey. Since many of the breakout sessions are grouped by level (beginner to deep dive) or more solution based, you’ll definitely meet others trying to accomplish similar results. No matter where you are with your Ansible automation journey, our line-up has something for everyone. A few sessions highlighted include the following:

  • Getting Started:
    Ansible Best Practices: Roles and Modules by Tim Appnel
  • Tech Deep Dive:
    Ansible Module Development 101 by Matt Davis
    Writing Modules Deep Dive by James Cammarata
  • Solutions:
    Ansible + Serverless Technologies by Ryan Brown
  • Networking:
    Sneak Preview: Network Visualization in Ansible Tower by Ben Thomasson
  • Platform:
    Managing Windows Desktops with Ansible by Dag Wieers

4. Networking, Windows and Containers

Great news! If you haven’t noticed already, we’ve added an extra track for the breakout sessions in the afternoon (up from four to five) which means there will be even more sessions to choose from. Ansible was “born” automating Linux servers, but other use cases you might not think of are getting increased demand

Automating networking devices such as switches, routers, firewalls and load balancers is gaining in meteoric attention, given the increased need to move away from configuring network devices manually. Same goes with Microsoft Windows and Containers. System administrators, no matter what they are automating, can now speak the same language regardless of the operating systems they are managing. If you can connect to it, Ansible can most likely automate it.

5. Partners, Sponsors and Red Hatters

In addition to meeting all the “Ansi-bulls” as well as peer attendees, there’s an opportunity to meet with many partners, sponsors and Red Hatters in attendance. The partners who are sponsoring AnsibleFest have done a great job of integrating their products and solutions with Ansible, and can’t wait to tell you their story! Finally, there’s a new addition to the Red Hat family: Red Hat Open Innovation Labs. Make sure you check out their Platform breakout session on how Ansible is affecting DevOps operating cultures and transformations. It’s one not to miss!

Again, there’s still time to register and attend AnsibleFest! Check out the registration page for more information. We’d love to see you in San Francisco!




Andrius Benokraitis

Andrius is a Principal Product Manager for Ansible Network Automation where he brings over 20 years in the computer software industry from companies such as IBM, Nortel, and Cumulus Networks. Andrius is skilled in Network Automation, Enterprise Linux, Business Analytics, Technical Writing, and Strategic Alliances.

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